Chocolate Letters

In December 2012 we finished our chocolate letter assignment with Erik van Blokland.
There is a very nice Dutch tradition to eat chocolate letters when celebrating Sinterklaas. So production part should have been made in a certain period of time, around December 5.

Process stages:
1. working on a clay prototype, following certain parameters:
— max. thickness: around 20 mm
— max. size: A5 (depending on the size of the vacuum machine you have)
2. drying the prototype (depending on a size and thickness this can take several days)
— fixing the shapes after drying
— polishing the surface
3. making plastic mould using vacuum machine
4. making a real chocolate letter by casting melted chocolate in a plastic mould
(you can use any type of chocolate and also mix them together for a marble effect)
5. cooling the letter
6. eating the letter!

There are some advanced tricks for getting a perfect chocolate with no scurf, but I was more interested in shape development, so that part did not bother me that much

An idea for the shape
the idea about the shape came from one of my TypeCookers

I made two versions, because the first one had too thin connections which broke while drying (that first one then became a stencil)

Group photo
clay letters are prepared for the vacuum

Vacuum machine
Vacuum machine
Vacuum machine
Vacuum machine
mould is ready

finally — lovely milky stencil [g]

Here you can see the letters of my classmate:

A wider overview on the theme:

video by Erik van Blokland:

video by Yanone:

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