Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam University library is a great place. I first came there to do my revival research and now we came there with the whole group, Peter Verheul and Françoise Berserik.

at the Special Collection of UvA

Mathieu Lommen met us there and gave a nice overview, showing masterpieces. Sketches made by the hand of Bram de Does, Jan van Krimpen, huge calligraphy collection, writing and engravings. Archive is constantly updated. You can find every book made by Irma Boom there and her books’ original tiny prototypes as well.

at the Special Collection of UvA

Here is a list of the stuff that we saw for those who will go there by themselves.

Giovanni Antonio Tagliente
Lo presente libro insegna la vera arte delo excente scriuere de diuerse varie sorti / 1536

Giovanni Francesco Cresci
Il perfetto scrittore / 1571

Jan van den Velde
Spieghel der schrijfkonste / 1605

Maria Strick
Der loflijcke schrijfpen

N. Jarry
Les sept pseaumes de la penitence / 1653

Andre Jammes
La reforme de la typographie royale sous Louis XIV …

George Bickman
The universal penman

Louis John Pouchee
Ornamented types

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