During Spring 2011 I received my first type design offer. It came from Ilya Ruderman who was just appointed as RIA Novosti‘s art director, new position that had never existed before.
 Department where I had been working for almost two years by that time was separated from other design departments and was not guided by Ilya at that time. So I had my regular responsibilities as a graphic designer. Nevertheless I was really happy to work on this project in addition. I never did a sans serif before and I’ve learned a lot.

Ilya’s brief was to create a typeface for a quickly developing and changing Agency’s identity. Design of the new typeface should be based on the existing logo. So any other brand coming from the hand of RIA would be using it. This typeface helped in speeding up the design process for designers and unifying the variety of brands together.

Type family has a wide range of weights from Light to Bold (Bold has the weight of the logo) with matching stencils for Regular and Bold. UltraLight and Black were added later as well.

Intended use: branding (logos, headlines, interior).

This is the initial logo that was a starting point for me

This is the initial logo that was a starting point for me

It is important to mention that logo itself had a lot of issues to fix, especially Cyrillic part that was made by designer not familiar with the script.
I started working on the Bold, figuring out proportions, expanding the character set and slowly working on the design of the interpolable light instance. First planned as a unicase typeface, lowercase were later added as well. Stencil styles were inspired by the logo’s cuts and roundings, but those were structured and located differently.



Design Maria Doreuli 3D visualisation Ignat Petrov

Design: Maria Doreuli
3D: Ignat Petrov

logo by Anton Mizinov

Logo: Anton Mizinov

Design by Ekaterina Lupanova

Design: Ekaterina Lupanova

Client: RIA Novosti

Head of department: Olga Parakhina

Art Director: Ilya Ruderman

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  1. 🎅

    Мария, начните, пожалуйста, продавать шрифты хоть где-нибудь.

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